The team behind Camera Obskura a.s.b.l. would like to extend the warmest thanks to the numerous people involved in the production of the feature film "KROPEMANN".



Main sponsors


Yizhi Sun





Livio Domini

Rosaria Costanzo-Domini

Claude Fellerich

Nicola Piccino

Laura Piccino-Domini

David Colicchia

Laurent Haag

Tom Hermes-Gass

Fabrizio Munisso

John Rossi

Carlo Thelen

Tom Theves




Administration des Eaux et ForÊts

Gilles Lichtenberger


Caramba Cinemas

Alban Birch

Stephanie Cenedella

Eric Duriez

Raymond Massard


Feierblumm A.S.B.L.

Sacha Bachim


Location Scouting

Fred Lion


MG Production

Marc Georges


Office National du Tourisme

Cathy Giorgetti


Parc Merveilleux

K. Simon

Dr. Guy Willems


Paroisse de Limpertsberg

Paul Goerens


Police Grand-Ducale

Serge Arendt

Leon Ludovicy

Vic Reuter


Théâtre National du Luxembourg

Frank Hoffmann


Université de Luxembourg

Pierre Fagot

Carlos Glorias

Franck Leprevost

Romain Scholtes


Utopia S.A.

Jacky Beck

Pit Marmann

Amadine Schosseler

Sabrina Schaul

Nico Simon


Ville de Luxembourg

Paul Helminger

Robert Kremer


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