Lionel Becker

"KROPEMANN" is the second feature film of Lionel Becker, who made his debut in cinema taking - alongside Steve Thull - one of the two leading roles in "Zombie Film" (2005).

Philippe Flammang

"KROPEMANN" is the first feature film of Philippe Flammang, who took part in the casting held for the film at the Utopolis and managed to qualify for the role of Luc, the student.

Ronnie Gerber

"KROPEMANN" is the first feature film of Ronnie Gerber, who passed the casting for the part of the misanthropic and alcoholic janitor of the University of Luxembourg.

Sarah Hoffmann

Sarah Hoffmann has been seen in "Fire bryllupper og and kongerige", "When Lightning Strikes" (2004), "Zombie Film" and "Heemwéi" (2014). "KROPEMANN" is her most terrifying part yet.

Sofia Lopes

Sofia has graduated in acting in Lisbon, Madrid and Paris, and stars in « Weemseesdet »,

« Comeback », « Coração d'Ouro », « Sexual Healing » and soon « The Toy Gun ».

« KROPEMANN» was her first cinema experience.

Vincent Meyer

Vincent Meyer seduced the Luxembourgish audience battling the undead in "Zombie Film" (2005). In "KROPEMANN" he incorporates Inspector Thill, who is investigating alongside Commissioner Meyer.

Raoul Migliosi

A big theatre passionate to whom "KROPEMANN" is the first cinema experience. Raoul has studied dramatic arts at the Theater - Akademie Köln and participated in many theatre and TV productions.

Mendaly Ries

Mendaly Ries has participated in « Deepfrozen », « Visions of Europe » and « Zombie Film ».

On "KROPEMANN", she combines the roles as actress, costume designer and 1st Assistant Director.

Yves Schaaf

Yves Robert Schaaf was seen in "Zombie Film", "De Bommeleeeër" and in several TV spots. Active member of the theatre group "Theaterraudien", he is also art director and actor on "KROPEMANN".

Michaël Soldi

Michaël Soldi has solid theatre experience and shows his acting skills on "KROPEMANN" in his first film role, as the Professor of French literature, Jean Dupuis.

Steve Thull

Steve Thull had one of the two lead roles in "Zombie Film", along with Lionel Becker, with whom he celebrates in "KROPEMANN" the reunion on the big screen.

Ben Turco

With a remarkable casting presentation during pre-production of "KROPEMANN", Ben Turco has emerged for the role of Commissioner Meyer.

Ricky Vieira

Ricardo Vieira is best known to the public as a finalist in the singers competition

"Searching the voice" and for his many live performances. In "KROPEMANN", he reveals his talent as an actor.

Jérôme Reuter
(guest appearance)

Frontman of the band ROME, Jérôme Reuter lends his voice, his image, his talent and a remarkable track of his repertoire to a key scene from "KROPEMANN"

THE CAST (in alphabetical order)

A Camera Obskura production